Temirkhanov Yerkanat Uakbayevich

Managing Director of the Combined coordination work

Mr. Temirkhanov was born on April 25, 1958 in Kenes village, Pavlodar oblast.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, academician IEA “Eurasia”. He defended his candidate and doctoral thesis in St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance.

He began his career in 1975 as a worker of sovkhoz “Yamyshevski”.
In 1981 he graduated from Pavlodar industrial institute with specialization in industrial thermal power engineering.
From 1981 to 1983 – power engineer in Pavlodar alumni plant.
From 1983 to 1985 – commissioner of the regional headquarters of SCD.
From 1985 to 1987 chief engineer of “Pavlodaroblmezhkolhozstroi” in PA “Road-building materials plant”. Has a big experience in production, party-soviet bodies, public and private sector, in banking system and service, in scientific research institutions.
From 2005-2006 – Deputy Director of ARNM RK, Head of ARNM of Aktyubinsk oblast. Worked as: Vice President of union concern, chief consultant of Rehabilitation Bank of RK, rector of the university, Deputy Director, Acting Director of Economic Research Institute of RK, General Director of “CER” and JSC “FIC “Berkut” at PDP “Nur Otan”, chief editor of scientific and practical magazine “Transitional Economy”. Co-author of governmental program for socio-economic development of the country. He has over 60 publications and 7 monographs. Scientific supervisor of twelve monographs. Under his supervision 2 doctors and 17 candidates of economic sciences are prepared. Three-volume monograph, editor and co-author of “The spatial organization of territory and resettlement of the RK before 2030”, in 2008. Participant of various international seminars and conferences for economy problems. Elected: Commission Secretary for State Prizes of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of science, technology and education of RK, member of Higher science and technology council of the country, Chairman of SEC. Member of Political Council of Bostandyk RB PDP “Nur Otan”. From 2009 working in JSC “KazTransGaz Aimak”: General Director adviser, director of representative office in Astana, director of department, managing director for tariff policy, managing director (member of the Board). Since 2008, the President of “Publishing House of Temirkhanov” LLP.

Awards: “Golden Sign” of CC AULCUY, honorary diplomas: Political bureau of CC CPSU, Ministers Council of KazSSR, Ministry of Communications of KazSSR, Presidium of CC VSAAAN USSR and KazSSR, CC AULCUY and LCUY of Kazakhstan. “Yeren yenbek ushin” medal, Honorary diploma of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary diploma of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan, 25th Anniversary of the Republic of Kazakhstan medal, Order of Kurmet.