Company activity and its affiliated and associated organizations are subject to risk affect. The Company recognizes the importance of risk management as one of the key components of corporate governance system, aimed to timely identification and taking measures for reduction of risk level that can affect price and Group image.

The target of Company risk management is a provision of reasonable security in strategic and operational business sustainability.

In order to classify and unify risk management system and internal control, the Company has developed, updated and approved:

  1. The Provision about internal control system of KazTransGas JSC (decision of the Board of Directors № 9 dated 01.07.11);
  2. Policy of risk management of KazTransGas JSC till 2013;
  3. Rules for risks identification and assessment of KazTransGas JSC;
  4. The Provision about committee on risks of Provision (decision of the Board of Directors № 14 dated 26.10.2011)