Use of energy resources and energy saving

One of the tasks of KazTransGas JSC is to monitor the activities of subsidiaries and affiliates for compliance with the requirements of Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Energy Saving and Improving Energy Efficiency”.

KazTransGas JSC pursues a policy of energy saving and energy efficiency increase. The areas of activities in the field of improving the energy efficiency of the KTG group of companies for transportation, distribution, production and underground storage of gas are defined in the ASs’ activities on energy saving and energy efficiency.

The main objectives of energy saving policy are:

  •  Realization of energy saving potential and improvement of energy saving management;
  •  Appliance of innovative technologies and equipment to reduce the anthropogenic impact on the environment.

The main energy saving measures for the KTG group of companies for 2019:

  •  Optimization of loading compressor stations CS;
  •  Optimization of power plant loading at CS;
  •  Optimization of operating modes of electrically driven gas pumping units, power supply circuits according to the operating mode of compressor stations, including shutdown of power transformers of backup power supply of turbo-compressor shops;
  •  Installation (instead of obsolete) of new generation cathode stations;
  •  Reconstruction of the boiler house UGS Akyrtobe, CS “Redut” with the replacement of water boilers for energy efficient;
  •  Use of energy efficient Wilo net pumps with electric motors of lower power during the reconstruction of boiler houses;
  •  Installation of solar panels with a total power of 10 kW to power the lighting network of the industrial site of Amangeldy Gas LLP. 

Improvement of energy efficiency indicators is conditioned by use of optimal gas transportation modes and energy saving measures.

The volume of consumption of fuel and energy resources (FER) in KTG group of companies for 2018 amounted to: 1 758 627,0 tons of fuel equivalent (tons of equivalent fuel) (119,7 million kWh, 1 474 175,3 thousand cubic meters) compared to 2017 – 1 303 910,9 tons. (124,4 million kWh, 942 392,9 thousand cubic meters), increased by 34.8%. The increase in energy consumption in 2018 is due to the growth in gas transportation volumes in Kazakhstan-China GP and Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent GP.

The total amount of generated (produced) renewable energy by source for 2018 was:

1. Generation of geothermal (heat) energy by heat pumps – 678,53 Gcal.

2. Electric power generation by solar panels – 103572 kW*h.

3. Generation of electrical energy by thermal power generators (TPG - Rankine cycle) – 240900 kW*h.

The specific energy costs for transportation of natural gas, an indicator of the energy efficiency of gas transportation for 2018, amounted to 0,0203 tons of fuel equivalent/thous.tenge compared to the same period of 2017 (0,0105 equivalent/thous.tenge) increased by 94%. The increase in the level of energy consumption is associated with an increase in the volume of gas transportation in Kazakhstan-China GP and Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent GP.

Energy saving potential in KTG group of companies for 2016-2020 is 67 588,12 tins of equivalent fuel.

Saving of fuel and energy resources (FER) in KTG group of companies amounted to:

2016 – 9363,94 tons of equivalent fuel (4993 thousand kW*h, 7478,346 thousand cubic meters);

2017 – 9305,46 tons of equivalent fuel (3393,2 thousand kW*h, 6500,5 thousand cubic meters);

2018 – 12552,32 tons of equivalent fuel (4946 thousand kW*h, 9620,8 thousand cubic meters).

The main energy-saving measures are aimed at reducing the consumption of natural gas and electricity.

As part of the support of the “Digital Kazakhstan” program, which is initiated by the Head of State, Intergas Central Asia JSC in 2019 will conduct an industrial test of the Analytic system with modular cathodic protection stations at the Akshabulak-Kyzylorda GP (41 km) with approbation and subsequent implementation on new and current projects of KTG group of companies.

Renewable energy sources that have been introduced into ASs in previous years work effectively: gas pumping units (GPU) with a low-emission DLE combustion system; compensating devices designed to compensate for reactive power (reactive parameters of electrical networks); geothermal heat pumps of the “Waterkotte” type; monocrystalline solar panels (batteries); thermoelectric generators (Closed cycle vapor turbogenerator) and block complete power plants (Capstone), operating in standalone mode; integrated Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption (ASCAPS), energy-saving lighting lamps.

Taking into account the projected increase in the cost of energy (natural gas, electricity), as well as the growth of their consumption, a common task for all subsidiaries and affiliates of KazTransGas JSC is to reduce the cost of fuel and energy resources through the implementation of economically viable energy saving measures and energy efficiency.

Development and improvement of regulatory documents in the field of renewable energy should create a support mechanism that will guarantee investors return on their investments and, as a result, attract potential investors to implement and develop projects in the field of renewable energy on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Work to ensure HSSE at the production facilities of KTG group of companies is carried out in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and regulatory and technical acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the “Uniform Occupational Safety Management System” of KazMunayGas JSC and (UOSMS) of subsidiaries and affiliates of KTG.

An extended meeting was held on HSSE in KTG group of companies in Astana. Reports of Heads of departments/services of labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection of the subsidiaries and affiliates on the implemented HSSE work were presented. The reports were accepted positively, and further tasks to improve the above work were prescribed in Minutes.

The following mobile applications have been implemented for KTG group of companies:

  • “8 Golden Rules”;
  • “ABC Book”;
  • “10 Steps to Recovery”.

These applications are developed in state/Russian languages ​​and are available for installation with IOS and Android devices, are also fully integrated into the activities of KTG.

The Code of Workers in the field of safety and security works “Golden Rules” for the KTG group of companies are executed.

With the participation of KTG, the “Regulations for Safe Operation of Land Vehicles”, approved by “KazMunayGas” NC JSC, were introduced in KazTransGas-Onimderi LLP.

In order to ensure safety, a seatbelt simulator was purchased. The seatbelt simulator plays a traffic collision, in which participants experience a collision force.


Labor Protection

100% transparency of reporting on labor and environmental protection has been achieved, which is confirmed by the findings of KazMunayGas NC JSC on the results of on-site (selective) inspections of production facilities of KTG group of companies. Transparent reporting for KTG group of companies is ensured by the timely submission of reliable data on all types of incidents in the KISUD program.

In accordance with the requirements of legislation in the field of labor protection, the measures have been organized and carried out on multilevel control, training and testing of knowledge, certification of facilities for working conditions, creation of sanitary and hygienic working conditions, provision of working clothes, accident insurance, medical and pre-shift certification.

On October 9, 2018, when carrying out repair works for replacement of defective pipes in section 647-694 km along the Luping GP CAC, located between Zhylyoi and Makat districts of Atyrau region, near EPE 783 support at 651 km at 15:01 Mr. Ye.K. Sydykov, driving a KrAZ State No “365AL06” truck crane and making a left turn maneuver, was unable to cope with the steering and allowed the truck crane to roll over to the left, resulting death.

In accordance with Chapter 20 (Article 186-189) of the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, investigations were conducted with the drawing up of Acts and the development of measures to prevent accidents. All activities are completed.


Fire Safety

During the reporting period, fire prevention measures were carried out at the facilities of KTG group of companies: fireproof treatment, repair, inspection and reloading of fire extinguishers, training and instructing personnel on fire safety measures, installation of automatic fire extinguishing and alarm systems, maintenance of fire-fighting automation systems, installation and repair of fire-fighting water supply.

Contracts for the protection of objects from fires are concluded.


Industrial Safety

During the reporting period, KTG group of companies carried out such activities as: diagnostics of pipelines, replacement of defective sections of pipelines, replacement of cranes, replacement of pipe insulation, training and testing of personnel knowledge, declaration of production facilities, production control.

Contracts have been concluded to ensure anti-fountain security and to protect facilities from unlawful actions.


Environmental Safety 

As a result of the conducted monitoring of the environment for 2018, there were no exceedances of the issued permits for emissions into the environment. The strategy of environmental protection plans contains nine main sections, which provide for the protection of the air basin, the rational use of water and land resources, flora and fauna, the management of industrial and consumer waste, the introduction of management systems and the best available technologies, research and design and survey work, radiation biological and chemical safety; and environmental education and outreach. For example, the company’s modernization of gas distribution systems leads to a significant reduction in pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases. Continuous monitoring of air and wastewater allows to control the condition of environment.

On December 11, 2018 in Astana, the ceremony of awarding the winners of the competition for social responsibility of business “Paryz” took place. Intergas Central Asia JSC took the honorable first place in nomination “For Contribution to the Environment”.

The work on an annual inventory of sources of greenhouse gas emissions and the submission of greenhouse gas passports to an authorized body for further registration in the state cadaster is continued. Also we participated in the meetings held by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan on new standards for greenhouse gas emissions on the transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the “Green Economics”.

At the suggestion of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, KazEnergy, KTG, a number of laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning the field of environmental safety were considered.