HR Policy

KazTransGas being aware of its social responsibility of business, is making efforts to promote social progress and increase the welfare of society, sustainable development and well-being of the population of the regions, and improve the well-being of its employees. Taking care of each employee, the priority of solving social issues is the basis of KasTransGas policy.

Against major changes, there is a need to introduce innovations in a timely manner, ensuring the organization’s compliance with the external environment. At the same time, the personnel policy is being finalized as it is implemented in response to the new requirements of a constantly changing external environment, except for that part of the personnel policy, that affects the key interests of workers (for example, employment policy, remuneration), which must be predictable and stable.

Personnel policy is designed to combine existing approaches, established methods and tools of personnel management, taking into account the best experience in the field of work with personnel, thus allowing to form a unified approach and develop a corporate system of values ​​of KTG in the field of personnel management.

The basis for the developed HR policy is the following basic principles:

  • – openness at all stages of the human resource management process;
  • – coverage of all areas of human resource management;
  • – consideration of all the constituent elements of the policy in the relationship;
  • – use of modern scientific developments in the field of personnel management, which could provide the maximum economic and social effect;
  • – cost of measures in the field of personnel management should pay off by results of production activities.


Social protection of employees of the group of companies

KTG group of companies pays great attention to the growth of social payments, which are aimed at creating a healthy working climate in groups, which allows employees successfully perform their basic functions. KTG defines a unified corporate policy in the field of social support for employees and pays significant attention to social benefits, a significant share of which is material assistance and a package of social services.

KTG offers its employees a package of social services, including medical insurance, compensation and material assistance, including treatment and rehabilitation of workers during their leave, etc. On the basis of collective agreements and the Rules for the provision of social support in 2018, the following basic types of material assistance were paid to employees of KTG group of companies:

- financial assistance to leave for rehabilitation;

- at childbirth;

- in connection with the death of family members of the employee;

- one-time payment in connection with the death of the employee;

- social benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, adopting and adopting newborns;

- other payments (upon entry into marriage, upon retirement, for anniversaries, etc.).

In order to strengthen the corporate spirit, promotion of physical culture and sports, as an important factor in the formation of a healthy lifestyle among employees, a Spartakiad was held among the employees of KazMunayGas NC JSC group of companies. Employees of the group of companies KazTransGas JSC took part in Spartakiad.

In 2018, 91 858 thousand tenge was spent on organizing children’s events and organizing recreation for children of socially vulnerable workers aged from 7 to 14.

The total amount of social payments for KTG group of companies (including social payments by the employer) in 2018 amounted to 3 841 242 thousand tenge.


Quality of working conditions, the lives of workers and their families

To ensure the quality of the working and living conditions of workers and their families, the budgets of KTG group of companies annually allocate funds for voluntary medical insurance, including a wide range of medical services in the best clinics of Kazakhstan. At the same time, the program of medical care for the employee, along with the provision of the entire range of medical services, provides for services on the same terms and conditions of his family (parents of the employee, spouse and children). In addition, the range of services of insurance company provides patronage of physiological pregnancy.

Thus, in 2018, at the expense of KTG group of companies, medical insurance of employees was provided in the total amount of 989 million tenge, including insurance of employees of KazTransGas JSC for 43 million tenge.

As it is known, the work of most gas industry workers is associated with gas pipelines and is characterized, on the one hand, by harsh climatic conditions (drinking water, dust storms, etc.), and on the other hand by the fact that transit gas pipelines are often in ecologically unfavorable regions of the country.

In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Social Protection of Citizens Affected by the Environmental Disaster in Aral Sea Region”, the residents of the Aral Sea region receive an environmental ratio in the amount of 20% to 50% to the basic salary, as well as additional leave in the amount of 6 to 12 days.  

Work to prevent diseases among workers, as well as their treatment and rehabilitation during the holiday period is also carried out.

KTG pays great attention to the growth of social payments, a significant proportion of which is social benefits and guarantees. First of all, they are aimed at creating a healthy working microclimate in groups on the basis of social partnership, which allows employees to successfully perform their basic functions.

Also in KTG, there are public associations of workers’ trade unions, within the framework of which collective bargaining agreements between employees and employers have been concluded, which provide for social guarantees, payments, compensations and benefits to employees, significantly exceeding those established by labor legislation, for example, such as:

- payments in connection with the entry into first marriage, birth of a child, for burial in connection with the death of relatives, etc.;

- additional paid leave in connection with the above cases;

- children’s camps for children of company employees;

- etc.


Preparation, training and professional development of employees of the group of companies

Taking into account the fact that the movement of personnel should be as predictable as possible, as well as planned and consistent with the general concept of the company's development, a general integrated approach is needed for all stakeholders: students, representatives of educational organizations and the Company to enhance its human resources. Therefore, in order to systematically fill the resulting vacancies, as well as to form a group of young professionals who have the ability to operational management activities that meet the requirements of a position in one direction or another, the Rules for the Training of Young Professionals have been developed and approved in separate ASs of KTG. This internal document describes the procedure for determining the need for training young specialists, the recruitment of candidates, the procedure for sending them to study at educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in foreign countries. At present, the composition of the commission for the development of external personnel potential has been approved, and correspondence is maintained with higher educational institutions on this issue. In addition, the training of specialists is carried out in the group of KazTransGas JSC in accordance with the calendar plans of education and training of specialists, including foreign training. Training of specialists with higher education for organizations of KTG group of companies is planned on the basis of the best technical universities.

KTG employees are taking part in advanced training courses, seminars, internships and trainings both on the basis of the Private Institution “Samruk-Kazyna Corporate University”, Astana, in other training centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as abroad.

KTG has the following programs aimed at staff development, such as “Training and Professional Development”, as well as the program “Young Specialist”.

The personnel reserve of KTG group of companies is formed.

“Training and Professional Development” is a permanent program for the development of company personnel.

KTG has a staff development program aimed at training and continuing education. Each year, KTG budget provides funds for training and staff development. In KTG in accordance with the Rules for the Technical Operation of Main Gas Pipelines the technical objects of main gas pipelines must be operated by specially trained personnel. Personnel servicing objects of increased danger must undergo training (retraining) on ​​courses specially created by enterprises according to programs agreed with local bodies of state technical inspectorate.

In 2018, the KTG group of companies trained 7,647 employees for a total amount of 720,991 thousand tenge, employees undergo training and improve their qualifications on the basis of training organizations and training centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Vocational training and development of working personnel is one of the long-term and priority directions of the personnel policy of KTG, since professional level of workers is the most important factor in increasing the efficiency of safe production, increasing productivity and improving the quality of work.

Also, at KTG, children of the Company’s employees are trained in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad at the expense of AS and KTG, who, after completing the training, will return to work in gas transportation industry.

In addition, in 2018, within the framework of the top management training program for the KTG group of companies, 15 Managers received diplomas on successful completion of the course: “Integrated program for development of TOP-Management of AS of KazMunayGas NC JSC at the Institute of Engineering and Information Technology KBTU”.


Sponsorship and Сharity

In 2016, due to the entry into force of the “Policy of Providing Sponsorship in KazMunayGas JSC NC, the provision of sponsorship was terminated.