On the eve of International Women's Day, the workers of JSC “KazTransGas” Group of Companies, who will be on watch for hundreds or thousands of kilometers from home on this holiday, have addressed to their sweethearts with the words of gratitude and appreciation for their love. That love, which gives them determination, confidence and inspiration, when every day they go to their post, doing difficult and sometimes dangerous work.















Photo session participants:

Ponomarev Nikolay Vladimirovich - Shift Engineer of Compressor Station №6 “Otar”;

Zhunisbekov Zhassulan Bagdatovich - Planning Engineer of Compressor Station №6 “Otar”;

Akhonov Rinat Maratovich – SKS-6 Shift Controller;

Golikov Dmitriy Anatolyevich – Head of service for electrochemical protection of “Uralsk” Main Gas Pipeline Management;

Borashev Dulat - Chief Engineer of Zhanakala RGH;

Kurin Vassiliy Sergeyevich – Mounter on repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of “Uralsk” Main Gas Pipeline Management.

Sergeyev Konstantin Grigorevich - Head of Gas supply accounting of "Almaty" Main Gas Pipeline Management;

Hodzhayev Alisher Nasredinovich - Worker of "Almaty" Main Gas Pipeline Management.