Within implementing investment project of the National gas operator KazTransGas JSC "Development of gas distribution network in settlements and upgrade of gas distribution equipment in Aktobe region", construction of main and internal gas pipeline in Ushkuduk village in Alga district has been completed.

Major of Aktobe region Berdibek Saparbayev and acting Director of Aktobe branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC Yermek Kaldygulov attended ceremony.    

Within development of gas distribution network in Ushkuduk village over 12 km of main gas pipeline, 14 gas-distributing plants, about 24.5 km of internal gas distribution networks have been constructed. The objects built will facilitate continuous gas delivery to over 1 thousand village residents including 237 houses and 4 social facilities.

Acting Director of Aktobe branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC Yermek Kaldygulov said: "This is our present for 25th Anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence. By supplying gas to houses, by bringing people heat and happiness, KazTransGas Company once more shows it is people's company. Before the New Year we plan to bring gas to another 8 settlements in Aktobe region. So, 30 thousand residents of the region will have access to natural gas. Over 60 schools, medical institutions and nurseries will be heated by green fuel. Yet, our work is not over. Until the end of 2020, KazTransGas JSC plans to upgrade existing gas distribution networks and to change old gas facilities in many districts".

One of the first, the house of 86-year-old Zhumasiya Alimova was connected to gas pipeline: "I am very happy to this present for Kurban Ayt. I cannot believe that our house has access to gas. All this is thanks to Independency, thanks to our President, thanks to KazTransGas Company! When I was young, we had to go far to bring wood and chip them. Now it's all over, it is like we discovered new world. What's more important, life is easier for children. Gas oven doesn't flare and doesn't need woods and coal. All young people used to stay in city after finishing their education. Now we have gas, we will have hot water and central heating. We'll live just as they live in the city and so, I hope, young people will stay in the village and work here. Thanks go to KazTransGas management for all this work done." 

Totally, 287 km of gas pipelines will be built in region within investment project for 2015-2020. By 2030 96% of settlements in the region will have access to gas. Currently, 93 settlements or merely 23% of total has access to gas.

For your information: Aktobe branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC currently has 8 district gas facilities and maintains gas pipeline with length of 2156 km. Gas sale volume is 806,593 m³ and gas transport volume is 1,256,022 m³.

Implementation of investment project will result in an increase in level of gas network development in the region and opening new possibilities for building gas distribution network and facilities in remote districts. Investment attractiveness and social potential of the region has also been increased. But first and foremost, residents' life quality improved.