KazTransGas JSC has completed the construction of loading and distribution gas pipeline in Irgiz village of Irgiz district, thereby providing over 6 thousand local citizens with gas. Investment project has been implemented within the program “Gas supply to villages and upgrade of gas distribution networks in Aktobe region”.

An automatic gas distribution station, a gas control unit and 38 gas distributing cabinet stations have been built in Irgiz village. 164 km of loading gas pipeline and about 53 km of internal gas distribution networks have been laid. These objects allows providing over 6 thousand local citizens, 1300 houses and 59 municipal and social objects with continuous gas delivery. 

Speaking at the solemn event devoted to objects’ commissioning, Berdibek Saparbayev, akim of Aktobe region, noted that Aktobe region was one of the fastest growing regions in Kazakhstan. “There are large industrial and extractive oil&gas companies operate in the region, - said Berdibek Saparbayev. – Aktobe region makes large contributions to the budget of the country. Population is growing, thereby increasing the need for energy resources. Today KazTransGas has put in commission a number of important objects that allow providing a large district center as Irgis with gas.

Amanzhol Tazhigaliyev, Director of Aktobe Productional Branch of KazTransGas Aimak JSC, noted that the company succeeds in handling the tasks set by the President on gasification of the country. “This year KazTransGas succeeds in performing all planned works on gasification of Aktobe region, and we have already supplied gas to all district centers. – noted Amanzhol Tazhigaliyev. – We all know that heavy frosts may happen in the region. That is why gas is important for local citizens. Our company is doing everything possible to deliver it to citizens. Today another one large district center has been connected to natural gas. KazTransGas plans to supply gas to all villages of the region by 2030”.  

Bagdat Aldabergenov, Director of Aktobe Branch of Republican Veteran Council of Gas Industry NGO thanked all attendees. “I would like to thank KazTransGas for invitation to this amazing event, - said veteran. -  For years, I’d been working in gas sector, so I know how people wait for gas, how happy they are to have warmth in their houses. Participating in this solemn event today, I am proud of our Kazakhstan, our gas sector and of new generation. For instance, Irgis, despite it is located far from main gas pipeline, is connected to natural gas. And that is a large effort made by gas workers, who do not spare efforts for prosperity of Kazakhstan”.     

House of Zauresh Nakypbekova, mother with many children and recipient of “Altyn Alka”, has been firstly connected to natural gas. She could not hide her feelings and expressed her emotions.

Zauresh Nakypbekova, a citizen of Irgiz village, recipient of “Altyn Alka”: “Today it is quite a momentous occasion. On the eve of such amazing holidays – Day of the First President of Kazakhstan and Independence Day  our village has been connected to natural gas. It means that our country is moving in the right direction. Head of Government takes care of his nation. Now our houses will be warm day and night. I am particularly glad for my grandchildren. I’d like to thank KazTransGas for this wonderful present”.

 KazTransGas JSC is Kazakhstan national operator in gas and gas supply sector. KazTransGas JSC Company Group includes production, transporting, and selling gas and gas products companies and institutions. АО "КазТрансГаз" - национальный оператор Казахстана в сфере газа и газоснабжения.

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