For the first time in the history of gas pipeline system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, National operator KazTransGas JSC has constructed a boosting compressor station suitable for gas pumping in a volume of 6 bln. cubic meters of gas in a year, from one gas pipeline to another one with different design pressure for diversification of traffic gas flow. 

Boosting compressor station “Akyrtobe” is built in Zhambyl region on the crosspiece TIP-02 between main gas pipelines “Bukhara Gas-Bearing Province-Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty” (pressure 55 kp/cm2) and “Kazakhstan-China” (pressure 100 kp/cm2). Putting it into operation dedicated to celebration of 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, construction of the BCS has been completed in the shortest time by own resources of KazTransGas JSC.  

Boosting compressor station enables to transport efficiently local natural gas from west fields abroad. Tengiz, Karachaganak, Zhanazhol and Kashagan will be a resource base for gas exported. 

Operation of new station provides a reserved route for continuous gas supply to consumers of Almaty and Almaty region beyond Kyrgyz Republic. Capacity of the BCS designed for annual average gas pumping in the volume of 4.7 bln. cubic meters. Design of additional equipment, piping connections and engineering networks enables to refit the station with auxiliary gas compressor unit that allows pumping up to 6 bln. cubic meters of gas in a year.  

K.N.Kokrekbayev, akim of Zhambyl region noted that: “Construction of a boosting compressor station is multibillion investments in our region, and new working places. KazTransGas put the object into operation earlier than scheduled date. I’d like to thank all gas workers”. 

Speaking at the solemn ceremony, Dair Kusherov, Deputy General Director of KazTransGas JSC noted that: “A boosting compressor station is a strategic object for the whole main gas pipeline system of the country. Putting it into operation will solve several problems. Firstly, we’ve discovered a way for domestic gas to China, in other words we’ve expanded export and transport opportunities. Secondly, we’ve provided Almaty and Almaty region with continuous gas supply, and it is ecology of a large metropolitan and business development. Thirdly, operation of new station provides a reserved route for continuous gas supply to consumers of Almaty beyond Kyrgyz Republic. It is also worth noting that new stations create new jobs. Citizens of neighboring villages will be accepted for employment. The remarkable thing is that KazTransGas set a task to increase capacity of national gas pipeline system. The same tasks were set by the Head of State. Today, for celebrating 25th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan, the gas workers make their contribution to enhancement of its independence and to provision of its energy security.        

Alexandr Fyodorovich, Director of Zhambyl Branch of Republican Veteran Council of Gas Industry NGO believes that national gas industry get to a new level of development. “Work implemented by KazTransGas shows that the gas industry of Kazakhstan is growing fast, - noted Alexandr Fyodorovich. – Construction of the same modern objects, like this compressor station, enables our country to be a leading player on gas pipeline market of the Central Asia. And what is more, it is a huge contribution to energy security provision of the country”.  


For reference only: To transit the natural gas for export transported over main gas pipeline “Bukhara Gas-Bearing Province-Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty”, it shall be compressed in main gas pipeline “Kazakhstan-China” over crosspiece TIP-02 located between these pipelines in Zhambyl region. The BCS has been constructed on the crosspiece TIP-02, considering the excess of operating pressure of MGP “Kazakhstan-China” (100 kp/cm2) over operating pressure of MGP “BGBPTBA” (55 kp/cm2). Near the station there were provided welfare facilities for workers: canteen and residential facility with 30 beds. In 2016 the 2nd line of gas pipeline, crossing South Kazakhstan and Zhambyl regions, was fully repaired to reduce the rated pressure of MGP “BGBPTBA” to the design pressure.    

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