"Tugyry biik TAUELSIZDIK" contest on the state language knowledge dedicated  to the Day of the First President and to the 25th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in the Head Office of KazTransGas JSC in Astana.

KazTransGas management organized this linguistic competition among employees to support the governmental policy to promote the national language culture.  

Every division of the company was represented by 10 participants with overall of 5 teams taking part in the contest. The competition had three stages.

Firstly, the teams had to take a specialized literacy test - "Bilimindi synap kor". In the second stage, there was a panel game named "Ushkyr oi men sheshen til" where panelists had to prove their knowledge of the Kazakh literature and culture. And the last stage was "El ishi – oner kengishi" where all teams received creative tasks such as singing songs in Kazakh, performing national dances or playing national instruments, declamation or a stage show.

All contestants demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the state language and history of Kazakhstan and also shared authentic culture and rich traditions of the Kazakh people. Every act was unique and creative in its own way especially solo performances and a flash-mob.

The first place with the highest score was awarded  to "Dala Kyrandary", team of Intergas Central Asia JSC, the second place went to "Bolashak" team of KazTransGas Aimak JSC and the third place was taken by "Onege", team of KazTransGasOnimderi LLP. Special prizes were given to "Mangilik El", team of KazTransGas JSC, and "Alau", team of Amangeldy Gas LLP.  Winners of the contest received valuable prizes and all participants got memorable gifts  

KazTransGas JSC General Director Deputy and  Senior Vice President on gas transportation and  marketing Mr. Ibulla Serdiyev congratulated all the participants and pointed out that such contests have become a good tradition for the company.  "I should say that this year the contest was especially interesting", said Mr. Serdiyev, "All participants have demonstrated both high level of their knowledge of the state language and national culture and their communications skills and ability to quickly react to the situation. This is very important for our business in the gas industry as every day we have to deal with a lot of people, and our business and social circles are very diversified including our customers and foreign partners. That is why it is essential and   prestigious to know your native language as well as traditions and culture of your people".