The implementation of one of the largest gas network modernization projects of KazTransGas JSC national operator started in 2009 in Shymkent. The key objective of the modernization is to provide uninterrupted gas supply along with reducing gas wastage and increase of the system capacity, i.e. modernization of the technical facilities of the gas supply system in South Kazakhstan that will allow to develop both a new gas supply infrastructure and improved relationship between consumers and suppliers.  

Shymkent as well as another southern city Taraz, was one of the first metropolises not only in Kazakhstan, but throughout CIS countries, that started reconstruction of the outdated gas distribution networks. The first phase of the investment program was successfully completed. From the beginning of the program we have modernized and upgraded 2308 km of worn out gas pipelines of low, middle and high pressure. All in all 52 gas control plants, 129  gas distribution cabinet type units and 30 451 gas cabinets  have been put in operation. The whole gas service system of the city has been re-connected to a new format of gas supply. Today gas pressure in any part of the city including new residential areas is even. 

South Kazakhstan Region Akim Mr. Zhanseit Tuimebayev:

  • City consumption of the gas grows with every year, and this gas network modernization will bring many potential consumers to the company for many years ahead. I can immediately point out a few advantages of this modernization. First of all, it is reduction of normative technical losses. For example, now in Shymkent  each consumer is supplied with gas through underground gas pipelines of middle pressure, and every consumer has  a separate mini gas cabinet. This system of mini gas cabinets is very convenient for consumers. Thus, in case of emergency, the operator can disconnect only one consumer without any problems to others. Finally, dismantling of many kilometers of above-ground gas pipelines of low pressure is good for the improvement of the aesthetic picture of streets in cities and villages. And most important is that new structure of gas supply provides stable gas pressure in the line at any time of the day and night. 

KazTransGas Aimak JSC General Director Deputy Mr. Galym Aidosov:

  • Under the program of gas distribution network modernization in South Kazakhstan that was started in 2009 we modernize and upgrade the technical facilities of the gas supply system. We replace worn out steel pipelines with polyethylene alternates which have longer working service and do not need cathodic protection thus minimizing repair costs. The expected project deliverable is to increase the pipeline capacity from 85 000 CM per hour to 258 000 CM per hour and improve system reliability through multiple ringed connection of the high pressure pipelines.

New gas service infrastructure has been put in operation in the region; old gas pipelines are gradually replaced with polyethylene ones, new complete integrated packages are installed instead of outdated gas distribution units. Modernization of gas distribution system in South Kazakhstan results in reduction of normative technical losses and gas feeding production costs. 55 325 consumers, which is 250 000 residents of the region center, have been connected to the new system since the project launch. 

Main technical solutions for the modernization include:

- replacement of the worn out pipelines with polyethylene ones;

- replacement of the outdated gas distribution units to complete integrated packages, optimization of the gas distribution network layout and diameters based on the hydraulic design;

- transfer to a two-step gas pressure reduction system with installation of individual gas cabinets;

- introduction of automatic gas usage system at the level of  gas control plants and gas accounting system at the level of individual gas cabinets;  

- installation of electronic meters with data direct transfer to the main server.

Modernization of the gas network system will put in operation total of 2390 km of new gas pipelines. 

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