The domestic gas industry moved on to a new development stage within past quarter of a century. Nowadays KazTransGas JSC National Operator is a modern company with high technology facilities and equipment and long-term strategy to increase gas transportation potential capacity.

As any other industry of economics, we have gone through many asperities within our development during years of early independence. The pick of the progress and implementation of largest national and international projects of KazTransGas JSC happened for the last few years. 

We are proudly presenting you with 25 most important events of the domestic gas industry for 25 years of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 


  1.  Year 1993 - establishment of KAZAKHGAS Gas Chemical Facility
  2. Year 2000 - the Government of Kazakhstan transferred gas transportation system to KazTransGas JSC  
  3. Year 1997 - BOP of gas transportation system with a Belgian investment partner Tractebel C.A.
  1. Year 2001 - first drilling at the Amangeldy gas and condensate field in the Zhambyl region. The field was put in operation at the formal ceremony with the participation of the President on October 23d 2003 and it significantly decreased the gas shortage at the south of Kazakhstan. 
  1. Year 2003 - KazTransGas and Gazprom signed a long-term contract on the transit of Turkmenian and Uzbek gas through the territory of Kazakhstan. 


  1. Year 2008 - turbo-compressor workshop was launched at the Opornaya compressor station  of Middle Asia-Center pipeline.
  2. Year 2009 started the implementation of "Tariffs in return for investment" long-term investment project in the regions of the country which in its turn gave a start to a larger project on Kazakhstan gas transportation and gas supply system modernization and expansion 
  1. Year 2009 - first thread (line A) of Kazakhstan-China pipeline was put in operation at the formal ceremony with the participation of the President of Kazakhstan Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev and President of People's Republic of China Mr. Hu Jintao.
  2.  Year 2013 KazTransGas JSC concluded an exclusive agreement on sales of all domestic gas with all oil companies working in Kazakhstan.
  3.  Year 2012 under order of the Government of Kazakhstan KazTransGas JSC became a national operator of gas and gas supply.
  2. Year 2013 - formal ceremony to start Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent pipeline gas packing with the participation of the President of Kazakhstan Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev and President of People's Republic of China Mr. Si Tzinpin. 
  1.  Year 2013 - National operator's subsidiary company, KazTransGas Aimak JSC, complete consolidation of gas distribution networks in all regions of the country and became a sole operator at the market of gas supply to end consumers.
  2.  Year 2014 -  Approval of Kazakhstan General Scheme of Gasification for 2015-2030 and 2030 Kazakhstan Gas Industry Development Concept. 
  1. Year 2015 - third thread (line C) of Kazakhstan-China pipeline with the total length of 1303 km was put in operation. This event was the last stage of the largest international project implementation in terms of the regional energy cooperation partnership which is Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China interconnecting gas pipeline with the overall length of more than 7 500 km
  2. For the years of independence, the gas output of the Republic of Kazakhstan increased by  more than 5.5 times - from 7.9 billion CM in 1991 to 45.3 billion CM in 2015. 
  1. Year 2015 - National operator recovered first input of methane from the coal-beds in the Karaganda region which was a strategic industrial development.
  2. To diversify gas transportation routes we have brought into operation a bypass for Soyuz and Luping CAC-4 gas pipelines thus providing a technical functionality for the reverse option of gas transportation in Luping-CAC gas pipeline.
  1. Completion of "Almaty city and suburban areas  gasification" project implementation. Total project value was more than 17 billion KZT.
  2.  Year 2015 - construction works completion of Beineu-Bozoi section  in Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent gas pipeline. All cross country gas pipelines are finally interconnected into one gas transportation system.  
  1.  Year 2015 -  we laid out 2 200 kilometers of gas distribution pipelines and brought into operation 1 600 kilometers of main gas-lines. At present KazTransGas maintains 54 000 kilometers of gas pipelines  which means our pipes could go around the globe for 1.5 time.
  2. Year 2015 - export of domestic gas increased by 45 % (from 1.8 billion CM in 2014 to 2.6 billion CM in 2015). The internal market of Kazakhstan was subsidized from KazTransGas own funds for the amount of KZT 126 billion.  
  3.  All projects of 2015 were completed approximately 4 months prior to their deadlines. KazTransGas succeeded in saving about USD 500 million. We could also reduce our debt obligations by 3 times, from USD 1 billion to USD 300 million.  
  1. Year 2016 - Kazakhstan achieved 100% domestic gas supply to the southern regions of the country thus providing energy self-sufficience of Kazakhstan. 
  1. Year 2016 - From its own funds KazTransGas built Akyrtobe boosting compressor station  that opened a gate to the export of domestic gas to China, we put in operation AGDS 300 in Aktobe which is unrivalled in Central Asia and launched most advanced compressor stations No. 4 and No. 8 of Kazakhstan-China gas pipeline.
  1. Year 2016 - we started up wells No. 1229 and 131 at the Amangeldy field and well No. 8 at the Zharkum field. We also brought into operation "Bozoi" compressor station which has a strategic importance for the expansion of export flows of Kazakhstan.