The General Director of JSC "KazTransGas" Rustam Suleymanov met with labor collectives of the headquarters and SDOs.

On February 10 this year the meeting of the General Director of JSC "KazTransGas" Suleymanov R.E. with labor collectives of the headquarters and subsidiary dependent organizations took place where were summed up the results of 2016 and were discussed the plans for 2017. General Director Suleymanov R.E. made report on the results of financial and economic activities. Data was announced about main indicators of company`s activity. All the final indicators have remained in planned limits.

Having voiced the results of financial and economic activities and key events last year Suleymanov R.E. noted that in 2016 was carried out certain work for the employees of the group of companies in social plan in according with approved business plan, “Rules for provision social supports for employees of JSC “KazTransGaz” acting on the basis of the Collective Agreement.

In addition to material assistance for the treatment material assistance it was helped 450 employees in special circumstances; have payed social assistance benefits, compensation and assurance to 12 125 employees, including the treatment at sanatoria and health resort of employees` children in Kazakhstan;  the contracts have signed in the group of the Companies for voluntary medical insurance for illness.

The competition of the Kazakh language “Tugyry biik TAUELSISDIK” was held on November 30 for expanding use of the state language and promoting the language policy of state in accordance with the plan of events in the group of companies of JSC “KazTransGas” dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Commemorative activities held in December in the group of companies dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Commemorative activities were held in December 14, 2016 in central office Company, state awards were awarded for significant contribution to the development oil and gas industry and active community activities and also certificates of merit and thank-you note from Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, JSC “Samruk-Kazyna”, JSC NC “KazMunayGas”, OLE “KAZENERGY” and JSC “KazTransGas”. Awards received a total of 232 employees in the group of companies.

The General Director noted that special attention focused on safety and labour protection in 2016. Following events were held policy and assignment of JSC NC “KazMunayGas” on labour protection, health and ecology in the past year:


·        Transparency reporting reached 100% in labour protection and environment that confirmed by conclusion JSC NC “KazMunayGas” by results of mobile (selective) audit of the production facility of the group of companies JSC “KazTransGas”. Ensuring transparency reporting is done by timely making reliable data on all types of incidents in the KISUD program in the group of Company.


·        The Code of Employees have been adopted by implementation in the field of security and labour protection “The Golden rules” in the group of company JSC “KazTransGas”.

·        The "Regulations for Safe Operation of Land Vehicles" was introduced in "KazTransGas Onimderi" LLP approved by JSC NC "KazMunayGas",.


·        The projects were reviewed and analyzed 39 labor safety and environmental standards submitted by the Chinese partner of TAPLine company for using in joint ventures of  LLP AGP and LLP GBSH. Based on the results of the review, taking into account the comments and proposals from the group of companies KTG, corresponding amendments were made in 11 out of 39 standards. Currently, procedures are under way for the implementation of 11 standards in the AGP and GBS.

·        The program of "Behavioral Security Surveillance" (hereinafter BSS), has been launched and is currently being implemented and aimed at improving the culture of safety and labor protection by the group of companies of JSC "KazTransGas"in 2016.

·        JSC "KazTransGas" takes an active part in the review of the project "Management System for HSE, PB and Environmental Protection", developed by FSC "KMG GLOBAL SALYUSHNS".

·        In general, the work of JSC “KazTransGas” was evaluated for 2016 positively.

·        Further, the General Director informed that in 2017 JSC "KazTransGaz" will continue to implement strategic goals and outlined the main tasks and plans for the current year.


On behalf of employees expressed:

 • TasybayevM.M. - from the collective of JSC "KazTransGas Aimakh";

• Kaseev E.Z - from the staff of JSC “Intergas Central Asia”;

• Kasenov A.G. - from the collective of  LLP "KazTransGas-Onimderi";

• Kurmanaliev K.R. - from the team of LLP “Amangeldy Gas”.

Representatives of labor collectives asked a number of questions to which by General Director was given comprehensive answers. In conclusion, they expressed their gratitude for the social support of workers and in turn expressed their readiness to work actively and fruitfully for the benefit of the development of the Company.

At the end of the meeting with the staff General Director noted that in December 2016 the company successfully passed the audit certification in accordance with the standards of AFNOR, the French National Standardization Body and one of the world's leading players in the certification market. KazTransGas JSC received the EFQM certificate "Striving for Excellence", LLP "Amangeldy Gas" and LLP "KazTransGas Onimderi" - unified certificates for compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007, JSC Intergas Central Asia - EFQM certificate "Recognized perfection" 3 stars as a result of the audit.

R. E. Suleymenov emphasized these having received by the group of the companies of JSC “KazTransGas” certificates of management systems will raise the rating on the market of services significantly and confirm the international level   and authority of the group of the companies of JSC “KazTransGas”, their credit reliability and investment attractiveness.