National operator KazTransGas JSC in partnership with APL Construction LLC has constructed supply pipeline and automatic gas distributing plant (AGDP) in Zharkent town, Almaty region. At this stage they have already started supplying gas to the first consumers of the town.

Within the memorandum KazTransGas JSC provided construction of the automatic gas distributing plant (AGDP) “Zharkent” with a total capacity of 120 ths. m3/hour, and the gas pipeline branch from MGL “Kazakhstan-China” to AGDP. APL Construction LLC provided investment into elaboration of the project and construction of gas distributing systems, as well as into gas supply to consumers.  Such cooperation, according to the parties, is the most successful partnership in public-private partnership. 

AGDP “Zharkent” and gas pipelines accepted into service are designed to provide gas to over 40 thousand consumers of the town, 160 industrial and public utility units. Now, the special economic zone “Khorgos Eastern Gateway” is supplied with natural gas.  

In perspective such projects allow to provide gas supply to Usharal, Sholakay County and other residential areas of Panfilov district, Almaty region.

Veteran gas worker, director of Almaty branch of Republican Veteran Council of Gas Industry Sultangali Imazhanov noted: “It is nice to see happy faces of old people and women who had waited for years for gas supply. It impacts on social condition and attitude of citizens. In general works on gas supply conducted by KazTransGas demonstrate the state’s care of its citizens. A good example is Zharkent, the most remote residential area from oil and gas deposits, which is supplied with gas now, which means new impetus to development. This project will definitely impact on development of SMB and industry, and thus, on job creation. 

According to the General Plan of gasification, it is planned to provide gas to 228 residential areas of Almaty region, with population around 900 thousand citizens. Gasification coverage in region will be equal to 41 %.