On the eve of the Day of the First President and within the framework of implementing objectives of the Program of the Head of State “Modernization of Public Conscience” the competition for the best knowledge of State Language “Children of the Great Steppe”was held at KazTransGas JSC. Holding of such an event by the Group of Companies of the National Operator has become a good tradition. Only this year the organizers decided to approach this event in an unusual way, the contest was held in formof all favorite humor show.

   Five mixed teams from five subsidiaries competed with each other. The task was carried out in four positions: the traditional contest of captains, “Kozben korip, sozben or” for knowledge of Kazakh proverbs, “Ushkyr oi men sheshen til” during which the teams answered to questions presented in such sections as zhangyru (public conscience), gas sector, language and literature, customs and traditions, healthy lifestyle and the final creative competition “A journey into the world of art”.

   All the participants showed themselves to be smart and sharp-witted, and most importantly well spoken inthe native language. But, as in any competition, the strongest won. The Saryarka zhuldyzdary (Stars of Saryarka) team consisting of workers of the Technical Department of KazTransGas JSC won the first place. The second place was given to the Tastyin team from the Corporate Development Department. The Gazandastar team consisting of employees of the Commercial Department came third. All the winners were awarded cups and gift certificates.