The national gas operator begins to apply the blockchain technology in the gas industry within the Digital Kazakhstan State Program.

Primarily the blockchain technology will be used for monitoring, maintenance and repair of gas transportation infrastructure and control of gas meters. How would this happen?

Traditionally, the blockchain is associated only with the use of electronic money, but indeed, it is an IT solution that is applicable in almost all areas of business. 

In fact, the blockchain is just a distributed and well-protected database. All the information stored in it is distributed on a large number of electronic computing systems, providing not only quick work, but also super reliable tamper resistance.

This is very important for the gas industry. For instance, this technology simplifies the control over the maintenance and repair of gas pipelines, increases the level of safety in their operation and reduces the loss of resources. At any time it is possible to trace the information on the terms of safe operation of the main gas pipelines, and to obtain data on the latest repair work by time stamps. In addition, according to the platform data, it will be immediately clear who conducted and inspected the repair work, and when the time for the next maintenance is coming.

The blockchain technology allows creating an individual "Digital Passport of a Gas Meter" in the control system for gas meters. This makes it possible to trace the whole chain of steps, from obtaining permits for gasification to installing the monitoring device and its sealing. In perspective, the system will completely exclude the possibility to change the transaction data and the figures for the cubic meters of the gas used. Moreover, it will become impossible to disrupt and falsify the sealing, change the number of a gas meter.

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