According to the results of 2018, the national operator of KazTransGas JSC significantly increased the indicators for the main activities.

According to the operative data, the consolidated income of the group of companies KazTransGas JSC in 2018 amounted to 1 trillion 61 billion tenge, which is 398.9 billion tenge or 60 % higher than in 2017. Consolidated profit before tax of the group of companies of the National operator in the field of gas and gas supply for the reporting period amounted to 201 billion tenge, which is higher than in 2017 by 102 billion tenge or 103%.

The resulting profit allows the National operator to restrain the growth of prices in the domestic market and to subsidize Kazakhstan’s gas consumers, as well as to service the loan portfolio in the amount of 573 billion tenge.

In 2018, KazTransGas JSC paid taxes and other payments to the budget in the amount of more than 99.5 billiontenge, which once again confirms the status of the company as the largest taxpayer in the country.

The volume of gas sales during the reporting period amounted to 22.9 billion cubic meters. This is higher than in 2017 by 5.2 billion cubic meters or 29%. At the same time, in 2018, the agreement on gas exports to China was fulfilled ahead of schedule and in full.

The volume of trunk transportation amounted to 111.9 billion cubic meters, which is higher than in 2017 by 11 billion cubic meters or 11%.

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