The National Operator in the field of gas and gas supply KazTransGas JSC has summed up the activities results of the group of companies for the 3rd quarter of 2018.

According to operational data, the consolidated net profit of KazTransGas JSC for 9 months of the current year amounted to 118.6 bln. KZT, which is higher than the same period of the last year by 72.4 bln. KZT or 156%.The received profit allows the National Operator to subsidize Kazakhstan gas consumers (expected losses from trading operations in the domestic market in 2018 is 46 bln. KZT) as well as serve the loan portfolio to the amount of 560bln. KZT.

KazTransGas is one of the largest taxpayers in the country. In 2018, the KazTransGas group of companies paid taxes and other payments to the budget to the amount of more than 52.4 bln. KZT.

The volume of gas sales for the reporting period amounted to 17.3 bln. cubic meters. This is higher than the indicator of the same period of the last year by 5 bln. cubic meters, or by 41%. At that, the growth of gas sales for export amounted to 4 bln. cubic meters, including due to the export supply of gas to the People’s Republic of China.

The volume of the main transportation amounted to 81.5 bln. cubic meters, which is higher than the last year  indicator by 7.6 bln. m3 or by 10%.

KazTransGas JSC is the National Operator of Kazakhstan in the field of gas and gas supply.  KazTransGas JSC Group of companies includes enterprises and organizations performing mining, transporting and selling gas and its processing products. 

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