For many years, KazTransGas JSC Group of Companies has been keeping a good tradition of congratulating the participants of the Great Patriotic War on the Victory Day shortly before the 9th of May. This year, the National Gas Operator’s staff congratulated more than a hundred veterans and war workers in all regions where KazTransGas JSC operates.

The main and only aim of the annual “Congratulate a Veteran” event is to extend a heartfelt thank you to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War for their heroic deed, for the Victory, and for the peaceful skies over our Motherland.

KazTransGas JSC headquarters has congratulated this year Turusbek Sadykov and Ivan Botev, the Great Patriotic War veterans, as well as Makzhan Zhetpissov, Raushan Abylkassymova, and Bagitzhan Kusniyev, the war workers.

The gasmen send their festive greetings to the veterans and thanked them for the bravery and heroism during the severe wartime; they gave flowers, presents, and some welfare assistance.

On the 9th of May, the employees of seven production branches of KazTransGas Aimak JSC congratulated 53 veterans and war workers. All of them received gift baskets and bouquets of flowers as well as some welfare assistance.

Asia Gas Pipeline LLP workers congratulated the veterans: Zhanbyr Kerimkulov, who was a chargeman of the legendary Katyusha M-13 launcher, participated in liberation of Budapest and Vienna, and was awarded with the Medal “For Courage,” Ivan Roldugin, who fought in the Far East at the final stage of the World War II, and for the participation in the fights was awarded with the Order of the Patriotic War (Class 2), his medals are “For Courage,” “For the Victory over Germany,” “For the Victory over Japan,” and “For Battle Merit.”

Beineu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline LLP congratulated Anastassiya Arkhipova, a veteran who worked in a hospital at the wartime, Alima Tynysbekova, a participant of the home front, working at Alma-Ata Heavy Machinery Plant, a family of Kalan Nurdauletov who fought in Kursk near Moscow and Bibissara Nurdauletova who was a participant of the home front, and Victor Ryabov, an infantry veteran awarded with the medals for the capture of Warsaw and Berlin.

Veterans Zhumakhmet Duysenbay and Yunus Raiymkulov who live in Talass District of Zhambyl Region received the greetings on the occasion of the Great Victory Day from Amangeldy Gas LLP. They also received some welfare assistance and gift sets.

The Victory Day has become a synonym of patriotism and marital prowess, nation-wide heroism and dedication manifested both on the war front and the home front. We all remember that we owe everything to the people who, at the expense of their own lives, fought back the peaceful skies for their descendants.