Shortly before the public holidays – the Defender’s Day and the Victory Day - KazTransGas JSC headquarters held a solemn meeting broadcasted online to all regions where the National Operator’s branches and subsidiaries operate. The event was also attended by the members of the Public Association “Council of Kazakhstan Gas Industry Veterans.”

Kayrat Sharipbayev, Deputy Management Board Chairman for Gas Transportation and Marketing, NC KazMunayGas JSC, congratulated the labor collective of KazTransGas JSC Group of Companies.

In his welcoming address, he emphasized that May 9 was the day to remember the great deed of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers who had defended our right to live under peaceful skies. Their heroism, bravery and courage will forever remain in our hearts, and we will always be grateful to them for peace, the most critical aspect of our life. The Deputy Management Board Chairman of NC KazMunayGas JSC also congratulated the staff on the Defender’s Day and noted that it was not just a holiday but a symbol of courage, dedication, dignity, and honor.  

Besides, he told about the successful operation of the KazTransGas JSC Group of Companies. It is the end of another incident-free heating period.  All gas transportation infrastructure facilities operated without accidents, and gas was supplied continuously. Thanks to that, the homes of nearly 9 million Kazakhstanis were warm, and thousands of domestic enterprises could operate.   

It has been several years that KazTransGas demonstrates a sustainable development. All production plans reach record-breaking values, not just regular ones, and the financial and production indicators keep growing. 

This week, the international agency Standard & Poor's has rated KazTransGas and Intergas Central Asia as BB again, with Stable Outlook. This confirms that the National Gas Operator has become a stable company, with a good financial standing.

All these positive trends are thanks to the teamwork of the huge collective.

According to Deputy Management Board Chairman of NC KazMunayGas JSC, the Kazakhstani are at the turn of the election of the President of Kazakhstan, a political event of great importance.

In this essential period, we all should express our civic position because it is us and our choice that decide the future of the country. Now, the critical task is to maintain the strategy of stability and further development of our state.