The gas workers have competed for the title of the Best Specialist in 15 occupations.

The National Gas Operator KazTransGas has summed up the results of Best Specialist-2019 Contest, the winners of which have been announced in 11 nominations.

On Thursday, the Group of Companies KazTransGas JSC completed the traditional contest of professional excellence of gas workers named Best Specialist-2019.

This year, the gas workers competed for the title of the Best Specialist in 15 occupations. As before, the contest consisted of two stages. The first stage – a contest in four occupations: "Oil and Gas Production Operator", "Driller", "Driller's Assistant" and "Oil and Gas Well Diagnostics Operator" – ended in April on the basis of the Underground Gas Storage Facility "Akyrtobe" in Zhambyl Region.

The second, final stage included 11 occupations and was held from June 18th to June 20th, on the basis of the new compressor station "Karaozek" in Kyzylorda Region. Over three days, the contestants had to show their professional skills and knowledge in the field of compliance with safety regulations.

According to the results of the contest, the following winners have been announced in 11 professional nominations:

1. Compressor Operator – Yerbulat Kuzhamuratov (Kyzylorda);

2. Refining Unit Repairman – Samat Zhubaniyazov (Aktau);

3. Linear Pipe Fitter – Tolegen Satarkul (Shymkent);

4. Gas Distributing Station Operator – Vitaly Semenov (Kostanay);

5. Underground Pipeline Cathodic Protection Service Man – Igor Ivanov (Kostanay);

6. Electrical Installation Maintenance and Repair Electrician – Aslanbek Kodarov (Uralsk);

7. Electrical and Gas Welder – Pirmakhanbet Danchayev (Taraz);

8. Gas Cutter – Zhamal Nurtyakov (Shymkent);

9. Instrumentation and Control Equipment Mechanic – Nurlan Shadmanov (Atyrau);

10. Gas Equipment Operation and Repair Mechanic – Doszhan Kazankap (Almaty);

11. Emergency Response and Restoration Operations Mechanic – Daniyar Sidakov (Aktobe)

At the award ceremony, Mr. Mukhatai Shanbatyrov, the Chairman of the Contest Commission and the First Deputy Director General of Intergas Central Asia JSC, remarked that the main goal of the Best Specialist-2019 Contest was live communication of specialists working in one company and serving a huge territory, as well as identification and encouragement of the best workers in the industry.

- Over these days, the specialists have discussed many professional issues and analyzed the knowledge they use in their work. In short, the Best Specialist Contest is a significant element of the corporate development. The contestants have showed high preparation results, and the quality of their work allows the company to ensure uninterrupted and trouble-free transportation of natural gas, - says Mr. Mukhatai Shanbatyrov.

Traditionally, the contest is held annually and consists of two stages: the first stage is held in the branches, and the second stage is held at KasTransGas level, where those who have passed the first qualifying stage take part. In this regard, there are three winners per each occupation, who subsequently take part in the Best Specialist Contest arranged by parent company KazMunaiGas.

As KazTransGas JSC points out, the main purpose of the contest is to enhance the professional skills and the prestige of the working profession. The company is convinced that the fact of arranging such contest will help attract young people for training and employment in working professions, which is especially important in the Year of Youth in Kazakhstan.