The exercises were conducted on the territory of Shu-Sarysuisky Manufacturing Branch (ShS MB) of Amangeldy Gas LLP.

The major objective of the exercises conducted was improving the practical skills of administrative bodies of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations of ShS MB, Operational Group of Kazakhstan Branch Ak Beren of the Republican Central Headquarter of Professional Militarized Emergency Rescue Services LLP, personnel of Sauyt Sondirushi LLP, Sauyt Zhedel Toby LLP and other territorial forces to carry out activities for eliminating gas, oil and water inflow at well sites and emergency on the contract territory of ShS MB of Amangeldy Gas LLP, as well as premedical first aid to the people affected by emergency.

Bodies of different management levels, more than 50 company employees and contracting organizations, about 14 units of equipment were involved in the exercises.

As envisioned by the emergency drill, two emergency recovery operation were worked out:

The first one is a gas emission during general underground maintenance of well No. 119 at Amangeldy site;

The second one is an elimination of a gas breakthrough at a process gas pipeline with a diameter of 219 mm on the infield site of ShS MB of Amangeldy Gas LLP.

As evidenced in well construction practice, the lack of necessary skills and the inability to manage an emergency situation often leads to the transition of common gas, oil and water inflow to an uncontrolled flow, and this is one of the most difficult types of accident in drilling.

According to the representative of the Zhambyl Department of Emergency, training points were worked out on high quality level and in its entirety. “The administrative bodies and civil defense forces of Amangeldy Gas LLP, the personnel of the contracting organizations demonstrated confident and coherent actions,” he said.