Amangeldy Gas LLP, the subsidiary of the National operator KazTransGas JSC, became the laureate of the Paryz Corporate Social Responsibility competition in the nomination "For contribution to the environment."

By tradition, the high-profile award ceremony of the winners of presidential prizes and winners of the Altyn Sapa, Paryz-2019, The Best Product of Kazakhstan and Uly Dala Yeli republican contests took place on the eve of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Paryz-2019 prize in the nomination For Contribution to the Environment was got by the Director General of Amangeldy Gas LLP Yerken Kaseyev.

Environmental protection and the implementation of environmental programs in the fields are an integral part of the company's activity, and its result was a complete reduction in the negative impact on the environment.

The Paryz Prize Award Commission highly appreciated the contribution of Amangeldy Gas LLP to the environmental protection and the implementation of environmental programs.

The company continuously carries out activity on the implementation of measures aimed at protecting the environment, which is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other legislative and regulatory acts in the field of environmental protection.

All production and technological processes at the fields are fully automated and computerized, which allows monitoring the gas preparation process, changing the operating mode of the wells and the installation as a whole, controlling and regulating the operation of the equipment of auxiliary systems.

There is an accredited chemical laboratory, which is equipped with all the necessary equipment and instruments for gas and condensate analysis.

The main activity of Amangeldy Gas LLP is the production of gas, gas condensate and the supply of commercial gas for customers of Zhambyl region. The partnership operates three fields of Amangeldy, Zharkum and Airakty.

The gas produced at the field provides the needs of the population of Zhambyl region, industrial enterprises of the region. At present time, more than 40 wells are operated at Amangeldy field. Gas produced here significantly helped to reduce the shortage of blue fuel for the southern regions, and played a steadying role in the energy market.