Within the framework of the Year of Youth, the annual youth rally of Intergas Central Asia JSC, which is part of the National gas operator KazTransGas, was held in the capital of Kazakhstan.

More than 200 active and purposeful young workers who connected their destiny with the gas industry of Kazakhstan took part in the youth rally.

The main goal of the current event is to help unleash the potential of young people, identify socially active, talented youth, increase the professional and creative competencies of young workers for the benefit of the country's gas industry.

The work of the youth rally on the topic “Experience of generations and the energy of the present for the good of the future” was opened by the General Director of JSC Intergas Central Asia Valentin Khvan.

The panel session of the rally was attended by the Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance of KazTransGas JSC Tayir Zhanuzak, the Deputy General Director of JSC Intergas Central Asia Kismetov Abzal.

In a welcoming speech, Valentin Khvan, Director General of Intergas Central Asia JSC, noted that gas workers are a special category of people, a responsible profession, the main qualities of which are persistent, hard work and professionalism. He wished the participants of the meeting success in their work and expressed confidence that the younger generation will preserve and enhance the best traditions of Kazakhstani gas workers.

Alimzhan Balmukhanov, head of the Ural Line-Production Directorate of Uralsk gas trunk pipelines of JSC Intergas Central Asia, noted that the current young generation of gas workers is especially proud of the successes of the gas industry in Kazakhstan.

“We are proud of the production successes of the company, its high business reputation and ongoing large-scale projects aimed at developing the energy security of Kazakhstan. KazTransGas has become the driver of the oil and gas industry and is the most important and technologically most powerful gas flow operator in Central and Central Asia” he said.

In his speech, on behalf of 3 thousand young specialists, expressed great gratitude to the leadership of the national operator KazTransGas JSC for supporting young talents and creating an enabling environment for the growth of young specialists.

The rally program included trainings and master classes on personal effectiveness, team building, intellectual and sports games and contests that contribute to the manifestation of leadership qualities, increase teamwork skills and broaden horizons.

As part of the rally, a master class on personal effectiveness from a leading business coach in the Personal Effectiveness category of the Russian rating of corporate training providers Andrey Levchenko was held.

In the framework of the session “Innovations and Startups”, the participants presented 9 copyright projects of innovative content, the best of which will be determined by an expert commission. The winning project will be presented to the Scientific and Technical Council of KazTransGas JSC, which, based on the results of consideration and analysis, if approved, can make a recommendation on practical implementation in real production activities.

According to young specialists, the main effect obtained from the rally is the formation and unity of the team, which should become the personnel foundation of the company, the exchange of experience between young specialists, whose mutual understanding in the near future may become a key factor in solving complex problems.