Astana city August 23, 2012

“KazTransGaz” JSC within the innovative development of companies group notifies about signing of the Grant Contract for the preparation of feasibility study financing on development of nitro-helium, nitro-methane deposits of Amangeldy group together with US Trade and Development Agency

Today the Grant Contract of feasibility study financing on complex production and gas processing in Kazakhstan was signed between “KazTransGaz” JSC and USTDA.

Grant gives “KazTransGaz” JSC an opportunity to define economic, technical and financial abilities concerning innovative for Kazakhstan project on exploration, production, separation and refining of helium, methane, methane and nitrogen on the deposit of Amangeldy group in Zhambyl region. It provides that through the separation of gas flow value-added products such as fertilizers, purified helium can be produced on the mentioned deposits and can be used separately in different hi-tech branches of industry.

Concentration of nitro-helium-methane gas in the deposits placed in Amangeldy, Anabay, Ayrakty and gas deposits Kumyrly contain from 8 per cent to 81 per cent of nitrogen and from 0,165 to 0,694 per cent of helium. Reservoirs of helium-nitrogen in the North Ural and Usharal-Kempirtobe contain 99,2 per cent of nitrogen and 0,6 per cent of helium. At the present time reservoirs of methane in Amangeldy are completed with annual production equal to 330 million cu m.

In industrial scales helium production is new innovative project for Kazakhstan. The USA is the world leader on production and consumption of helium. Helium is used in the space industry, electronics and many other industries. Feasibility study will show to what extent it is possible to apply high American technologies for helium production in industrial scales, optimal logistics, delivery to the world markets.

The result of the research will show project practicability on gas separation on the deposits of Amangeldy group, and also efficiency of different nitrogen fertilizers processes.

The Contract was signed by Anatoly Tegisbayev, the deputy of the General Director on the resource base, on the behalf of “KazTransGaz” JSC, and Elizabeth Millard, the deputy of the Ambassador of the USA in the RK, on the behalf of USTDA.

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