On the industrial base of the village Utegen Batyr Ili district of Almaty region passed command-staff exercise "Almaty-2014" to address severe damage to the output and ignition gas air mixture on the surface of the pipeline after emergency situations of natural character. On the training ground bravely showed their skills employees subsidiary of JSC "KazTransGas" - "KazTransGas-Almaty".

Command-staff exercise on a plan managers "KazTransGas-Almaty" and LLP "Almaty gas networks" were as close as the present emergency. Installation for specialists was such that the area of the underground medium pressure gas pipeline, laid in the boiler room of the residential complex was conditionally severe damage to the output and ignition gas air mixture on the surface. There was a threat to life and health of the population against a possible explosion gas air mixture and fires. Given the current situation the management decided to carry out actions on localization and liquidation of accidents on the pipeline without turning off life support enterprises from the gas supply.

To conduct CPE were involved forces and means LLP "Almaty gas networks" which is a subsidiary of JSC "KazTransGas-Almaty":

DT - 4 people. and 1 unit. spec. emergency vehicles "104";

Repair Site - 5 people. and 1 unit. spec. ARGM machines;

SEGV and SD - 8 people. and 2 units. spec. Machine AGM;

SEGND - 6 people. and 1 unit. spec. Machine AGM;

SEHZ - 3 persons. and 1 unit. spec. machine.

As a result, for 9 hours, rescuers worked through the action groups during the rescue, containment, emergency response and conduct of emergency repair and maintenance work on gas facilities.

By the end of the day after the meeting observers from the JSC "NC" KazMunaiGas "and" KazTransGas "praised the actions of managers, members of groups GO" KazTransGas-Almaty "and LLP" Almaty gas networks "in the event of an emergency.

At the conclusion of observer governments, forces and means of civil defense "KazTransGas-Almaty" and LLP "Almaty gas networks" are ready to carry out tasks for the prevention and mitigation of natural emergencies.


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