Production figures

During the first half of 2014 the volume of gas transportation "KazTransGas" gas main pipelines totaled 54.170 billion m3 (the same period last year, 54.754 billion m3) including the main gas pipelines of JSC "Intergas Central Asia" was 45.418 billion m3, (46.852 billion m3 - 6mes.2013 g) of which the volume of international transit 33564000000. m3, the volume of gas to domestic transportation totaled 6.329 billion. m3 volume of gas exports amounted to 5,525 billion m3.

The main gas pipeline "Kazakhstan-China" LLP "Asian Gas Pipeline" about the transported volume of $ 7.319 billion m3 (50% share of the CTG) (6,802 billion m3 - 6mes.2013 g)

In 2014 the volume of gas transportation is provided in the amount of 111.859 billion. M3.

"KazTransGas" in the first half were sold 6.834 billion. M3 of gas. (Same period last year - 6,420 billion m3). LLP "Amangeldy Gas" (subsidiary of JSC "KazTransGas") was produced 159.911 million. M3 of gas and 10.101 thousand. Tons of gas condensate. (160.71 million m3 of gas and 11.29 thousand. Tons of gas condensate - 6mes.2013 g)

Sponsorship charity

During the first half of this year, "KazTransGas" was provided sponsorship and charity in all totaling $ 297 million. 669 thousand. Tenge (the group of companies "KazTransGas" consolidated amounted to 332 million. 930 thousand. Tenge). During the same period last year totaling 57 million. 724 thousand. Tenge (consolidated amount - 188 million. 359 thousand. Tenge)

Kazakhstan content in the procurement

The total amount of purchases for the group companies CTG for the first half 2014 amounted to 141.4 billion. Tenge (2013 first half - 176.2 billion. Tenge), including signed contracts for the purchase of goods worth $ 78.4 billion. KZT works - 34.6 billion. tenge services- 28.4 billion. tenge. Same period last year- 103.8 billion, 43.7 billion tenge workers, services, 28.7 billion.

The share of local content in the total amount of purchases made 122.5 billion. Tenge or 87%., Of them purchased tovaram- 95%, made rabotam- 60% and for services - 95%.

JSC "KazTransGas" was created in 2000 to organize the work in the oil and gas industry and operates the Corporate Asset Management in the exploration, production, transportation and distribution of gas. In accordance with the Government Decree number 914 of July 5, 2012 Joint Stock Company "KazTransGas" is defined by the national operator in the field of gas and gas supply. The group of companies "KazTransGas" includes mining, transporting and selling gas and its products businesses and organizations.

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