Analytical material on this topic was published by the Russian portal

Analytical material on this topic was published by the Russian portal

In particular, the article says that to date, two of the three longest main gas pipelines in the world pass through the territory of Kazakhstan and countries of Central Asia. This gas pipeline is “Turkmenistan – China”, with a length of 7 thousand kilometers and the gas pipeline “Central Asia – Center”, with a length of 5 thousand kilometers. For comparison, the world's longest gas pipeline route is considered to be the Chinese gas pipeline “West-East”. Its length is 8 704 kilometers.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Central Asian region there was created a new geopolitical reality. It was predictable, as a big geopolitical game, almost always begins where there is a large energy and transport infrastructure to them. In the CAR, there are two key main gas pipelines, which are also three of the longest pipelines in the world.

If to judge on dynamics of development of gas transportation infrastructure in the Central Asian region, the most relevant parameters are the length of trunk gas pipelines, their technical condition, access opportunities, innovations in gas-compressor unit, as well as ways to diversify. The total length of Kazakhstan gas pipelines is more than 19 thousand kilometers, with 56 compressor stations, there were installed 316 gas compressor units. And if the neighbors, for the most part, run gas infrastructure, the remaining “inherited” and only periodically undergoing some cosmetic repairs, in Kazakhstan gas sector has subjected to almost complete “upgrade”. The entire infrastructure construction is equipped with the most high-tech equipment, designed to increase gas transportation capacity for many years to come.

Kazakhstan, providing an important transport corridor “Kazakhstan-China”, used its transit potential as much as possible by the construction of modern compressor stations, gas pumping units of the latest generation and the introduction of other new technologies. It is possible to obtain the maximum benefit for the country and improve the entire gas infrastructure. Only last year, the Kazakh gas operator JSC “KazTransGas” has commissioned the linear part of the third route and new compressor stations on this pipeline route.

As stated by international experts, the gas transportation system of Kazakhstan is in excellent condition and can miss up to 85 billion cubic meters of gas, with a view to increase the volume of pumping up to 120 billion cubic meters a year.

Made in the material the comparative analysis shows that of all the countries in the region in recent years, more successfully there are implemented the diversification projects, construction and implementation of new technologies in gas sphere in Kazakhstan. A few years ago, in length of main gas pipelines the leadership belonged to Uzbekistan, but today this place surely taken by Kazakhstan's national gas operator. To make a breakthrough in this area was possible thanks to the strategic management of JSC “KazTransGas”. Just last year, the company commissioned in the route “C” of the main gas pipeline “Kazakhstan-China” and the area Beineu-Bozoy of the gas pipeline “Beineu-Bozoy-Shymkent”.

The expansion of gas transmission capacities in Central Asia as an important economic factor becomes one of the priority areas. Based on the principles of multi-vector hydrocarbon supplies to domestic and foreign markets, Kazakhstan seeks to develop all cost-effective routes for transit and export deliveries of marketable gas. At the same time for the country it remains important to maintain a coherent energy policy with neighboring countries as transit and export routes pass through their territories.

With regard to the supply of natural gas, the most convenient routes for its transportation go through the territory of Kazakhstan. This can be seen on the basic main pipelines passing through the country. This again suggests that today the Republic of Kazakhstan is a major player in the global gas transportation system, with great prospects.

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