This scheme is applied for the first time in the system of JSC "National Welfare Fund" Samruk-Kazyna "in particular, and in Kazakhstan as a whole. Experimentally, it has been implemented and successfully operates on the basis of the subsidiary "KazTransGas" - JSC "KazTransGazAymak."

As noted in the company, the introduction of this innovative initiative as a whole is aimed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness in the work of the personnel policy, which in "KazTransGas" and its subsidiaries paid special attention.

In particular, according to the company, its employees now instead of 12 reports within one year will donate 52 progress report on the number of weeks in a year. Weekly wages will correspond to the level and quality of the work done during this period of work, because, as you know, the salary is one of the main drivers of productivity growth and efficiency.

As pointed out in "KazTransGas", a kind of 52 points of growth, driver performance and a very disciplined team.

The company estimated that when said system works inspection by the management and auditors to increase by more than 4.33 percent. This approach allows a weekly basis to identify problematic issues in the work and, if necessary, promptly and agility to adjust business processes, without waiting for the end of the month.

Commenting on the introduction of a weekly wage and reporting, managing director of JSC "KazTransGas" Erkanat Temirkhanov noted that the question of the relationship of wages to its performance has always stood at the peak of the most talked about issues in any business environment. According to him, the results of a thorough analysis revealed that weekly wages thinking allows you to transfer employees of any company to a new level. After all, scientifically proven that the worker psychologically by the end of the month when the get their wages, beginning to work actively and significantly improves its performance. Employee pre-configured to the fact that the results of its work will be checked only at the end of the month and there is no need to be on our toes every day, we need only to show the impact of the end of the month. Thus, the efficiency of work in companies with a payment schedule once a month is often cyclical.

Also, speaking about the pros weekly wage in "KazTransGas" notes that this system smooths the curve of cash flows worker, eliminating the need to search for cash during the month, the money is distributed evenly, resulting in employees no longer distracted by extraneous issues, there is a sense of security and stability. Psychologically more employee configured to work in a comfortable environment and conditions of predictability.

In this form of interaction between the company and its employees is taken into account not only during working hours, productivity, and staff qualifications.

In particular, the comprehensive testing of employees at all levels in the "KazTransGazAymaқ" and its subsidiaries possible to estimate the level of competence of employees. As a result, staff recruited below 70 points on a 100-point scale, was given a chance for self-education and re-tested.

Currently, management of JSC "KazTransGas" intends to distribute relevant experience in human resources policy for the entire group of companies.

All this has led to a significant reduction in operating costs and other expenses. Thus, according to "KazTransGas" through the introduction of processes in KTGAymak, for a few months in 2014 the number of employees was optimized by 20%, to work on outsourcing was translated 503 people.

Due to the introduction of this system savings with a view to optimizing the number of employees for 2014 amounted to about 1 billion tenge. And next year, the expected effect of a monetary amount to 1.8 billion tenge. The calculations show that the annual performance of each employee increased by 30%.

In the near future to implement such "smart", even an innovative system of remuneration, reporting and evaluation activities planned in all subsidiaries and affiliated structures "KazTransGas".

This process is the group of companies "KazTransGas" is launched in the framework of an ambitious program of transformation "NWF" Samruk-Kazyna ", approved by the Board of Directors of the fund in September this year and it is expected to achieve three main goals - increasing the value of the portfolio optimization and improvement of corporate governance. Through this program, will be improved approach to investing, optimize business processes and structure of the fund itself and within its structure of state-owned companies, which will come out on the positive values of the indicators of economic value added (EVA) in 2020 and bring the economy of Kazakhstan additional 2 trillion tenge .